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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Escaping a violent trauma based home, founder, Leslie Herderson would spend the day on Greyhound buses and walking through corridors with primarily indigenous people passed out drunk on stoops and stairwells. Returning home at night to a large cattle ranch and affluence, as a young child she began to ponder why these conditions existed is such polar opposition in the oil rich city of Calgary Alberta. Leslie grew up under the mantra, “never let them see you sweat”. An achiever mentality was woven into the fabric of her immigrant family culture. Persistence and perseverance are strongly valued in her home today. 

Having lived from the top of Manhattan Skyscrapers to a one room cabin in Quinlan Tx, taught severely disabled children to World Champions, what became apparent to Leslie is that money, property and prestige, or the lack there of, do not touch the heart in comparison to extending a hand to join with others to make change for the betterment of the individual or society as a whole. 


*Certified State of California Addiction Specialist

*Professional Livestock Judge since 1978 

*Nationally accredited Horse Trainer.

  • National Champion Horse trainer US and Canada

  • Nationally accredited Canadian Livestock judge

  • Animal Behavioral Specialist

  • Graduate Banff School Musical Theater

  • Meisner Method 3 yr graduate NYC

  • San Quentin Drama Workshop

  • Acting director Jane Fonda Ranch

  • Movement and dance under Bob Fosse, Luigi, Joffrey Ballet

  • Certified Child Care worker Hathaway Children’s services

  • Certified Addiction Specialist State of California

  • 4-H leader 13 years